Narrative paragraph

1.  What kind of a weekend did you have and why? 

            I had a relaxing weekend because I was able to spend it doing what I enjoy most when I relax.

2.  What specifically did you do that was so relaxing?

            I spent much of the weekend reading a novel that I enjoyed.

3.  Paragraph

            Reading is my favorite form of relaxation.  This last weekend I spent nearly all day Saturday and most of Sunday reading The House of Sand and Fog by Andre Dubus III.  The novel is set in California and describes the events surrounding a woman who has her house mistakenly sold by the county for back taxes.  The buyers are Iranian refugees who see the house as a way of escaping their economic difficulties.  Because the novel is so different from my own life, it allowed me to escape from being a community college teacher in frozen Minnesota as I became wrapped up in how the dilemma of who really deserves the house was resolved.  Any time that I can escape, I relax.


1.  What kind of a weekend did you have and why?

            My weekend was fun because I was able to spend a fun evening with good friends.

2.  What specifically did you do with your friends?

            I attended the play Tuna Christmas in Grand Forks.

3.  Paragraph

            I find that attending a play with friends is always a good form of weekend entertainment.  This last Friday night I went to Grand Forks with Judy, Faith, Larry, and Alan to have dinner at Joe DiMaggio’s and to attend Tuna Christmas at the Fire Hall Theater.  The play was funny, but it also was serious as it looked at how Christmas can make people need others even more than does the rest of the year.  As a result, in our post-play discussion at Whitey’s, my friends and I ended the evening by discussing how we empathized with the characters as they sought love or even mere companionship on Christmas Eve.  A good meal, a good play, a good discussion, and good friends all add up to a very entertaining evening for me.

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