Mock Crime


Create a crime scenario that involves juveniles in a serious crime.  Be as specific as possible in the details so that when judges determine the sentence for the convicted criminals (They have been tried and convicted), they can provide rationale for their decisions. 


I have given an outline that you can complete to indicate the specifics in the crime.  Provide as many details as possible for each item.


1.  Crime (murder, rape, assault, theft, etc.; include the setting, number of victims, weapons; property damage; any details that allow the judge to “see” the crime):














2.  Perpetrators (maximum of three juveniles; give as much of a profile of each person as possible, such a family background, prior records, health, education, neighborhood background; motivations for the crime; include details that a judge would want to make a determination about the sentence):



















3.  Victims (create a similar profile of the victims to include age, race, ethnicity, family, professions, etc.; who is hurt will affect the judge’s decision; hate crimes are particularly heinous):











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